It all started back in April, 2001 when we found Cherry PT as the dealer was cleaning her up for the first time. Our first show was Cruise the Falls 1 and what an eye opener. We didn't have any mods on Cherry but by the time we left, we had new taillights, a cold air intake and thousands of ideas to build on. As you can see we have not stopped since....

After we had Cherry for sometime we then got a 2004 Dream Cruiser as a daily driver,,,, well that turned into The Freedom PT which is not a daily driver.

Freedom PT

So in 2006 we got us our third PT, Woody. Woody had to have new taillights and a cold air intake and that has been it, so we have a us a daily driver.

Then wouldn't you know it, mom had to go and out do us!! She has the newest PT in the family, a 2006 chromed out pin stripped gorgeous blue PT. Every trip I make to California to see her, I go with my hands full of chrome parts from Race & Street. Maggie loves our mom....

And then we have the Tequila Rose Gang, a distant run off from our PT Family. This gang travels the US of A stirring up troubles where ever they go while they have fun living life to the fullest. If you see them coming into your town, close and lock your doors or they will drag you out to live, love and laugh as they enjoy life!! Look for them riding in on their mighty steeds shown below...... as they can surely raise a storm!!!

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