About The Freedom PT

The Freedom PT

The Freedom PT has been redesigned and built to say Thank You to everyone who has fought for our Freedom. With the new PTeazer front end and rear retro roll pan as well as the new cowl induction hood. 

With the talents of airbrush artist Eric Ward and the body and paint experts at Indy Body Werks - Brian & Brad Nordmeyer, we then transformed the look into an unbelievable display thanking our Heroes for protecting our FREEDOMS. The Freedom PT speaks to us through the Wars of our lifetime and it speaks volumes in letting us all know that, "FREEDOM is NOT FREE!" Thank you to ALL who have fought and are fighting for our FREEDOM!!

On the hood we have the New York skyline displayed in black and white, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and the Twin Towers - in memory of the way it use to be,,,,
We Will Never Forget!!!! Eric did it in such great detail for us to remember all who lost their lives in this act of war against our great nation. 

The American Flag drapes across the front of 'Freedom' and unfurls down both sides of the car in an awesome display of Patriotism.

On the drivers side it leads to the Air Force Thunderbirds flying in the Missing Man Formation. Since I was in the Air Force during the Vietnam War we also added a couple of the aircraft I worked on across the spoiler so it can be seen from the front with the tailgate open.

On the right side the American Flag is a backdrop for our Fallen Hero Cpl. Zachary R. Nordmeyer, who we lost Feb. 23, 2009 as he was fighting for our FREEDOM in Balad, Iraq. Then you have the boots, rifle, helmet and dog tags reflecting a Fallen Hero.....

..... This leads into a scene from the Iraq war showing 2 soldiers repelling down from a helicopter and one running to take his position.

The Iraq War scene blends into a jungle scene from Vietnam with 3 buddies heading to a helicopter hovering over the rice paddies.....

This is a tribute to Cpl. Zachary R. Nordmeyer whose memory will live on forever!! Thank you for protecting our FREEDOM!!!

"FREEDOM is Not Free!"

The interior was professionally done by Smitty at Classic Auto Tops here in Indianapolis, In. The seats display Red and White vertical stripes and a top bar of Blue with White embroidered Stars. The door panels are the same.

The Freedom PT is a statement from America thanking all who have fought for our Freedom for they shall live forever in our hearts. 

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Which fades into a scene called 'The Wall of Our Wars' Memorial with some of the names of the Fallen from Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. In this scene, Cpl. Zachary R. Nordmeyer and his two buddies who were killed with him are reflecting in The Wall back to Zachary's father, Michael.... 

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A Vietnam Veteran friend Dave 'Kokomo' Amey from Laurence Harbor, N.J. did the etching on the rear window, again reminding us that Freedom is Not Free!!

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Boots, Rifle, Helmet, and Dog Tags Memorial  For Fallen Soldier
United State Flag
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